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About us

Our Patron

Rt.Hon. Lord Llewellyn of Steep, OBE – British Ambassador to France


Julia Kett                         Chairman

Jonathan Eastwood        Deputy Chairman

Frances Meadows          Hon. Secretary

Douglas Anderson          Hon. Treasurer

Julia Howes                   Hon. Welfare Secretary

George Bauermeister

Kim Borel

Pamela Conger

Jonathan Goatly

Richard Hallows

Kate Hart

Dr. Gunita Jolly-Paul

Shirley Jones

Sally O’Farrell

Caroline Smith

Alison Tardivel, MBE

Assistant to the board

Anne Boit

The Board of Trustees

The BCF is administered and managed by the board of trustees, who are also responsible for determining the policies of the charity. This is a very ‘hands-on’ board: we carry out all aspects of the charity’s work, aided by one assistant.

We have all spent many years living in France and bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the board. We give our time freely and without remuneration.

Every effort is made to keep our costs to the minimum, while ensuring that our charity is well and efficiently run. We are fortunate that our office in France is provided rent-free by the Hertford British Hospital Charity.

We attach great importance to spreading awareness of the charity’s work. Our Annual Welfare Review is distributed widely amongst members of the British community and copies are available on request from our Levallois office.

The British Charitable Fund, Paris is a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission - no. 243880.

The full text of the charity’s Annual Report and Accounts may be read on the Charity Commission’s website, under the Register of Charities.

Our registered office is: The British Charitable Fund, Paris
c/o Dixon Wilson, 22 Chancery Lane, London WC2 1LS