How we help

Our role is above all one of topping up existing resources and we can help with:

  Monthly grants towards everyday outgoings such as rent, electricity, food and heating
  A wide range of emergency and sundry grants
  Basic household equipment, such as bedding, ovens and fridges, and essential repairs
  Clothing grants for children
  Education support grants for adults who need to learn new practical skills
  Essential dental work or new spectacles for the elderly
  The costs of repatriation, when all else has failed.

We also send:

  Christmas cards and grants to everyone 
  At least one heating grant, to help with the cost of fuel or to buy logs; more if the winter is harsh.

Our grants are discretionary and the amounts and duration will depend on the severity and urgency of help needed.

It is not the current policy of the trustees to make loans or to repay personal debts.

Awarding grants

The Welfare trustees meet monthly and, if we think we can help, we will do everything we can to make life manageable again.

Each family is referred to a contact trustee and we work as fast as we can to send out the grants so desperately needed. All grants are carefully considered and monitored regularly.

During interviews and home visits, we try our best to put people at their ease, to reassure and give encouragement. We keep in touch too with follow-up phone calls to check that all is well.