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People we help

When do they come to us?

People come to the BCF in times of financial crisis and, more often than not, there will be a precipitating factor – loss of a job, marital breakdown, a death in the family, an accident at work, pensions no longer sufficient to cover essential living costs. And in many cases this will be compounded by chronic illness or deteriorating health. Often they may have lost contact with family and friends in the UK and feel they have no-one to turn to.

Who are they?

We are probably helping someone like you, possibly even someone you know. Someone you don’t see out and about any more. Perhaps an elderly person, perhaps a single mum, perhaps someone you worked with, perhaps someone running a small business, or perhaps a young person with no family to rely on.

What has become of them? 

They are at home, often trapped in a house they cannot sell, and just about managing to scrape enough together to buy food but little else. They are in complete despair and fearful about the future for themselves and, if they are parents, for their children.

What more can they do?

Imagine for a moment how that would feel. You’ve tried everything to find work, if you are young enough, sold everything you can, gone through your hard earned savings, robbed Peter to pay Paul, turned down the heating, and even accepted food parcels from the local Mairie. Still there isn’t enough, not even to move back to the UK, if that were an option for you, and in many cases it isn’t.

No matter who you are or how old you are, whether you have recently moved to France or been here for many years, whether you are on your own or responsible for a family, it is utterly devastating.

But all is not lost. There is help out there and people who care.